About us

«Best Quest» — new sensations, adventures and experiences made reality.

We have opened our real escape games in different countries, and now finally we are in Valencia. You have the opportunity to live a unique story created by professional team.

Live escape game – is a new leisure activity born of the current trend of moving the virtual game to real life. You will have to solve all kinds of riddles and puzzles, following mysterious clues that will lead you to the exit. You have only 60 minutes to pass the test.

This entertainment was born in Japan in 2007 and quickly became the rage in Asia, Europe and the United States. In Spain, however, the phenomenon is emerging.

If you are here it is that you know something about us or real escape games

In “Best Quest” you will be immersed in another reality that you are not a spectator, but the protagonist. The decor is worked to the smallest detail, the puzzles are of high technology, each game has its own history and a special musical accompaniment.

Our goal is that you leave the room full of emotions and positive energy.